Hi, I'm Lee.

I run an agency that helps entrepreneurs shape their realities through web design & digital strategy.

But that’s not what this site is for. Here I speak about a lot of things from being a single father entrepreneur, daily ins and outs, and teaching everything I know and learn along the way.


Coming Soon. I write a lot about business and ethics, new software I've found and reviewed, and also about my personal life. Hope you enjoy!

What's this all about?

This is a personal site that allows me to get stuff not related to my business out there. I talk about a lot of things because a lot of things happen in our lives. Things we may not know or know how to deal with. This is my journey through this life and I hope you’ll join me.


Coming soon. Here I speak a lot about being a single father, working from home, being an entrepreneur, and speaking with others doing the same thing.

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