Project: Redesign

Project Launch Date:

August 2018

The Why:

My old site had a lot of holes that were turning clients away and not educating visitors as well as I had hoped. So, I turned to redesigning my site as the simplest answer instead of updating every page, service, and link. I needed to be sure there were no missed areas which is hard to do with a massive update.

The What:

With a new design, I wanted to make sure it had a different feel to it from the old layout, but not so distant that it wasn’t recognizable. I decided to roll my business into three distinct areas: Take Control, Web Labs, and Resources.

Take Control is the monetized portion of my website. I sell businesses in a box through my pre-built templates, website hosting and maintenance plans, and showcase my portfolio of the clients I work with.

The Web Labs is where my mind gets to have fun. I am constantly looking for new ideas to play with and I wanted to showcase those ideas. It also serves as a space for sites done that weren’t contracted by a client. Like this one.

Last is the Resources page. This is the affiliate part of my business where I recommend a list of software, services, and sometimes hardware for visitors to use to grow their business. In it is a list of the top resources I recommend and also articles of different software I’ve used and reviewed. If I like it, I’ll give it a good review. If I don’t, well you can figure that one out for yourself.

Your Thoughts?

I’m always interested in getting different perspectives and I look forward to hearing yours. If you like it, please be so kind to share it with your friends!